Bridgeworks Enterprise Center

About Bridgeworks

Founded in 1989 in the refurbished former Mack Trucks Plant 4A, the 64,000 square-foot Bridgeworks Enterprise Center is the only business incubator in the Lehigh Valley dedicated primarily to manufacturing startups.

Our goal at Bridgeworks Enterprise Center is to provide the resources needed to help manufacturing startups move from their garage to self-sustaining profitability, then on to graduate into the City of Allentown or the greater Lehigh Valley.

Benefits of the business incubation program at Bridgeworks include:

  • Shared conference rooms with conference call and video projection equipment available
  • Mentoring and advisory services from AEDC staff members as well as a network of experienced and knowledgeable service professionals such as lawyers, accountants, consultants, angel investors, and others
  • Regular training sessions on pertinent topics relevant to a startup company
  • Private office suites for company leadership
  • Common area indoor loading dock capable of handling a 53-foot trailer
  • Shared machine shop with a lathe, mill, and drill press with tooling
  • Shared use of fork trucks and pallet jacks

AEDC’s Bridgeworks Enterprise Center has been a proud member of the International Business Innovation Association since 1989.

Incubation Process

Step 1

If you’re interested in Bridgeworks Enterprise Center’s business incubation program, submit a completed business plan that outlines how your business will grow during its time with the program.

Step 2

Next, you’ll present your business plan to Bridgeworks Enterprise Center’s Advisory Committee, which consists of successful entrepreneurs who provide mentoring for your company. The Advisory Committee makes a recommendation to AEDC’s Board of Directors as to whether or not they believe your company would be a good fit for Bridgeworks.

Step 3

Once your company is accepted into the business incubation program, AEDC staff members work with you to help your company be successful at Bridgeworks. Our staff and Advisory Committee members will meet with you on a regular basis to review revenue growth, help identify and respond to opportunities and challenges, and help your company become profitable and self-sustaining.

Businesses typically spend four to seven years at Bridgeworks before graduating. Although each company’s progress differs, graduation from Bridgeworks typically occurs once a company has achieved certain milestones. These can include:

  • Space restraints: A client may graduate if their equipment and/or personnel requirements exceed the building’s maximum available space.
  • Self-sustainability: A client may graduate if the company has experienced enough growth in profitable revenues to operate outside of the incubation program, and if the client relies only minimally on incubator resources.
  • Exit event: A client may graduate if the company has merged with or been acquired by a larger company, or if the company has made a successful public stock offering.

Once your company is ready for graduation, AEDC will work with you to find space in the City of Allentown or the greater Lehigh Valley that is suitable for your company’s next stage of growth. AEDC works closely with the management of graduating companies to help it transition into its new home smoothly and efficiently.

Incubation Clients

MAKE Lehigh Valley

MAKE Lehigh Valley

Merging the traditional “do-it-yourself” mentality with modern technology and entrepreneurship, the Makerspace has become a gathering spot for a new generation of would-be inventors, game and app developers, woodworkers and other tinkerers who use the space to work on projects, network, solve problems and generally support each other.

Hosted by our resident maker group, MAKE Lehigh Valley, the weekly “Open Hack” nights regularly draw up to two dozen participants. Stop in and check it out!