Allentown’s Champion for Redevelopment and Manufacturing

AEDC 2020/2021 Annual Report

Who We Are

Allentown Economic Development Corporation is a nonprofit specializing in property rehabilitation, business incubation, and strengthening urban manufacturing in the City of Allentown.

What We Do

We work hard with the City of Allentown as well as our other partner organizations and businesses to create an environment where manufacturing businesses can start, grow, and stay.

How We Do It

Through rehabilitating properties, offering loan programs, and business mentoring, we provide businesses (from breweries to steel fabricators) with the tools and support they need to thrive as part of Allentown’s economy.

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The Lehigh Valley's only business incubator dedicated primarily to manufacturing startups.

Support for local entrepreneurs, business owners, and manufacturers through loans, advocacy, and business outreach.

Brownfield site redevelopment to create employment opportunities and economic activity from vacant or underutilized sites.

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Allentown’s South Side from the Sky

On the corner of 10th and Harrison Street sits the Bridgeworks Enterprise Center. The incubator facility spans over 64,000 square feet, atop nearly two and a half acres of property dedicated primarily to manufacturing startups! Behind it sits Plant No. 1, a sprawling, 263,000 sq. foot building, which AEDC renovated in the early ’90s. Once a Mack Truck facility, the plant now holds multiple tenants and manufacturers. Across 10th Street is AEDC’s largest project currently undergoing redevelopment, the 20-acre former Allentown Metal Works. All three properties are in close proximity to the 8th Street Bridge, allowing for a prime view of the Queen City’s expanding skyline!

Looking for office space in Allentown?

Our recently renovated space provides offices and open coworking space with a creative atmosphere, plus all the amenities you need!


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