When a company needs to increase brand recognition and sales, they hire a Business Development representative. And when that rep needs to find the best remote office location in the Lehigh Valley, they set up in the Bridgeworks Coworking & Flex Office Space.

Sometimes things just work out!  For Lori Novak finding the perfect satellite office after starting her job with ElectroCell Systems was much easier than expected. Since the water filtration manufacturer has multiple locations in Lehigh, Northampton, and Wayne Counties, Lori was able to work out of a remote office of her choice.

She knew AEDC’s Bridgeworks facility would perfectly fit her needs when considering where to set up. The Allentown location is close to downtown and convenient for conducting business. As someone working for a manufacturer, the idea of working among startup and established manufacturers of Allentown was a key selling point for Lori.

And as a business leader in the area for over 30 years, Lori was familiar with AEDC’S executive director, Scott Unger. She was also familiar with AEDC’s program manager, David Dunn, as the two had worked together over the years. Lori recalled the “top-notch” guidance, recommendations, and results that David had helped her with and was eager to further the connection.

“Opening our office inside the Coworking & Flex space of the Bridgeworks facility was a win-win option. ElectroCell gets a cost-effective rental office, convenient for our Lehigh County colleagues and customers, allowing us to network with the tenants in the Bridgeworks building and AEDC staff,” says Novak. “AEDC has a 365° approach, providing professional assistance whether you are an entrepreneur, start-up, or established business.”

When discussing the benefits that she enjoys most, Lori mentions the full-time access to the property, utilizing a shared printer and conference rooms at no additional charge, and networking with colleagues in the communal areas. In the Allentown incubator, collaboration and resource-sharing among manufacturers and office tenants are a regular occurrence.

Passion for the product

Now that she’s officially set up and open for business, Lori looks forward to meeting all the tenants in the building, learning about their business operations, and getting to work providing a proper solution to enhance clients’ operations with the ElectroCell System.

“AEDC has given me the ability to be the most productive, providing valuable assets and tools to allow me to assist ElectroCell with growth opportunities,” says Novak.

When it comes to providing solutions for her clients, Lori’s passion for the product she represents is palpable. “The ElectroCell technology needs to be shared, as the ElectroCell system truly enhances any water-cooled/heated or process water application while reducing energy and water usage all while having an average return on investment in as little as two years.”

Not only does she appreciate the product she’s selling, but the management behind it. Lori is especially appreciative of the opportunity to work for ElectroCell’s Paul McLaine and Bill Hannon.  She finds their integrity and support for their employees, customers, and stakeholders refreshing in today’s world.  Lori looks forward to sharing the company’s technology and ensuring it’s considered by leading engineering, architectural, and development firms, educational leaders, healthcare systems, government entities, and manufacturers.

To learn more about ElectroCell Systems, contact Business Development Representative Lori Novak at lnovak@electrocellsystems.com or schedule a visit to suite 104D of the Bridgeworks Enterprise Center Coworking & Flex Office Space.

Who is ElectroCell Systems?

Launched in 1997, ElectroCell Systems originally began selling water filtration systems specifically to the pharmaceutical industry. Since then, it’s expanded its product line, operating facility, and customer base to include health care, utilities, telecoms, and manufacturing facilities. ElectroCell Systems are patented, fully automated, skid-mounted side stream particle precipitators for cooling tower/chiller/boiler energy enhancement and process water applications such as pharmaceutical and automotive manufacturing, data processing, and pre-treatment for reverse osmosis. ElectroCell Systems provides continuous micro-cleansing, enhancing chemical water treatment while removing 98-99% of all suspended particles down to one micron and below.  The ElectroCell Systems’ technology also assists in managing Total Dissolved Solids and helps reduce the risk of Legionella. ElectroCell helps extend the life cycle on equipment, in addition to reducing maintenance, repair, and service.

Meet the Tenants

Lori is one of three women who recently joined the group of tenants inside the Flex Office & Coworking space at Bridgeworks Enterprise Center in South Allentown. Professionals in all lines of work select the facility for its flexible workspace and industrial-designed offices. Adding to the variety of businesses operating inside the Center, the three newest tenants come from very different backgrounds, and all moved into the facility for unique reasons. Stay tuned to meet the other new tenants of the Bridgeworks Enterprise Center.

Lauren Matthews

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