Bridgeworks Enterprise Center aids Architrep with KitRex growth

Allentown, Pennsylvania – “Dinosaurs invade Allentown!” It may sound like the next movie in the Jurassic Park franchise, but rest assured that it is much less scary than what Hollywood might come up with. In fact, these friendly-looking dinosaurs come in a variety of colors and are designed for kids!

These googly-eyed creatures are the brainchild of designer entrepreneur Lisa Glover, founder of Architrep. As a student in Lehigh University’s Technical Entrepreneurship Master’s Degree Program, Glover first started toying with the idea of origami-like paper dinosaur designs while working on a homework assignment. On a whim, she built a 15-foot long cardboard Velociraptor costume and crashed a campus Halloween party.

“It was like a scene from a movie where someone enters the room and the music comes to a halt,” explains Glover about her entrance. She walked away with first prize in the costume contest and the beginnings of a business idea.

Over the next few months, Glover redesigned and tested several iterations of what became the KitRex Velociraptor. She launched the final prototype- a kit of flat-packed paper pieces that becomes a 3ft long dino- on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter with the intention of raising enough funds to make and sell a few hundred kits. Little did Glover know that her life was about to be changed forever.

“The campaign gained a little bit of traction which caught the attention of the Kickstarter staff,” tells Glover. “They featured KitRex on their home page and the project went viral. When it was all said and done, I had sold nearly 5,500 kits.”

By the end of 2014, Glover had built and shipped all of her KitRex kits and had enough money left over to pursue Architrep full-time. In December, Architrep was accepted into the Bridgeworks Enterprise Center business incubation program and moved across town from her home at Ben Franklin TechVentures, where she started.

“I had followed Lisa’s KitRex Kickstarter project closely. When I saw how well it did, it was obvious that she was onto something and we wanted to help her grow the company,” explains Anthony Durante, program manager at Allentown Economic Development Corporation. “Lisa has taken our advisory committee by storm. Several advisers are itching to help Lisa continue her success.”

Glover is certainly not wasting any time. In fact, her next Kickstarter project launched on Tuesday, March 10th! The KitRex Pterodactyl is the next in what will become a series of foldable paper creature kits. When constructed, it has a 3-foot wingspan and Glover’s signature googly eyes.

“I’ve incorporated many of the lessons that I learned from the velociraptor kit,” says Glover. “The glue-dots have been replaced with tab and slot design which makes construction easier. There will also be simpler instructions with more images that illustrate the proper steps in making the pterodactyl.”

The KitRex Pterodactyl Kickstarter launches March 10th and the preview link can be found here:

Once live, the project can be found by searching for KitRex Pterodactyl on

About Architrep LLC

Architrep LLC develops and manufactures flat-packed toys which encourage creativity and foster spatial development in children. The company was founded by Lisa Glover in March of 2014, while she was a student in Lehigh University’s Technical Entrepreneurship master’s program. The products created at Architrep are designed to open the mind’s sense of inquiry.

About the Allentown Economic Development Corporation

AEDC is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to a mission of identifying, encouraging, developing and managing strategic business opportunities for the benefit of Allentown, its citizens, and the Lehigh Valley. Its goal is to improve vacant and underutilized properties by assisting manufacturers, business owners and entrepreneurs in obtaining the resources and opportunities they require for success in the City of Allentown. AEDC offers access to financing and incentives, assistance with brownfield remediation, and support for growing businesses within the City.

Over the course of its 26-year existence, the Bridgeworks Enterprise Center, founded in the refurbished Mack Trucks Plant 4A in 1989, has helped launch more than 50 companies in Allentown that have created more than 300 jobs. It is a member of the Ben Franklin Business Incubator Network. Today, the Center is home to ColdEdge Technologies, The Colony Meadery, County Seat Spirits, Gonzo Pockets, HiJinx Brewing Company, JH Plastics, MTS Ventures, Netizen Corporation, Polymer Contours and Zzyzx Polymers.

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