Engineering firm becomes the newest client of the Bridgeworks Enterprise Center

The Allentown Economic Development Corporation has welcomed Amorphic Tech Ltd. to the business incubation program at the Bridgeworks Enterprise Center. Andrew Schevets, president and founder, launched the company in 2013 and will focus the company towards providing a full range of engineering, manufacturing, and prototyping services to the fluid dynamics industry, along with other key related industries.

“We are excited to have Amorphic Tech join our program,” said AEDC Executive Director Scott Unger. “Andrew has a solid plan to grow the company and we are pleased that AEDC can help play a key role in that journey towards success and profitability.”

“Andrew’s journey to becoming a client in our program is a story of tenacity and grit,” said Program Manager Anthony Durante. “Those are two key qualities that are absolutely necessary for an entrepreneur to have. It’s the only way they survive the highs and lows of launching a company.”

Amorphic Tech prides itself on providing a comprehensive technical solution, from ideation and CAD design through to producing functional electro-mechanical systems. In-house manufacturing capabilities, such as machining, welding, and 3D printing, enables the company to deliver everything from a proof-of-concept prototype to a fully engineered, manufactured and assembled goods. Amorphic Tech’s clients range from power generation plants to global pump manufacturers to academic institutions. Their understanding of complex mechanical processes, sensors networks, and fluid systems has proven invaluable as a one-stop shop for their customers.

One facet of Amorphic Tech’s business that has propelled company growth is their support of fluid dynamics related industries. Here, their services span from research and development in energy recovery to constructing complete, smart fluid systems. In recent months, they have been contracted with Lehigh University to help design, then build, a modular water purification system to be used in research performed at a federal laboratory. “We would like to use our experience, skillset, and equipment to address the growing global need for clean water,” said Schevets

With an increasing need for larger facilities and clear benefits of being at AEDC’s Bridgeworks Enterprise Center, Schevets sought a more permanent home and thus formal inclusion in the incubator program. Working with Durante, Schevets and his team honed the business plan for presentation to the Bridgeworks Advisory Committee. After his successful presentation to the committee in January, Amorphic Tech was easily recommended to join the program and the AEDC Board of Directors confirmed.

Amorphic Tech is in the midst of relocating into a 2,240-square-foot unit at Bridgeworks that it will call home for the next several years. With this growth, Amorphic Tech can increase its manufacturing capabilities and broaden its engineering services for development projects. This focus on continued growth in capabilities will allow Amorphic Tech to constantly enhance its value to current and prospective clients. Schevets has also continued to grow his team, thus increasing production capacity and engineering capabilities.

“Thanks to our team’s hard work and the fantastic support we have received, we’re absolutely growing in the right direction,” concluded Schevets.


About Amorphic Tech Ltd.

Amorphic Tech is a multifaceted engineering solutions company whose mission is to deliver high quality, sophisticated prototypes and design solutions for industrial mechanical systems. In-house CAD, CAM, machining and fabrication capabilities enable Amorphic Tech to provide a comprehensive, turn-key technical solution. Our experience with high-level machines and fluid processes, coupled with a nimble development environment allows us to effectively address clients from local shops to billion dollar organizations.

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