Allentown Economic Development Corporation

Keystone Opportunity Zone

Keystone Opportunity Zone

Allentown has several properties within the Keystone Opportunity Zone (KOZ) created by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to provide certain state and local tax abatement incentives to businesses and residents located within the zone. Businesses locating in or relocating to a KOZ must either increase their full-time employment by 20 percent within the first full year of operation or make a 10 percent capital investment in the property based on their prior year’s gross revenues.

The Keystone Opportunity Zone in the City of Allentown is operated by the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation. Please CLICK HERE to learn more.

Lehigh Valley Land Recycling Initiative

AEDC and its partner agencies offer several direct and indirect incentive and assistance programs to help business and commercial/industrial property owners with brownfield remediation and reclamation. In addition to specific grants available through our partner organizations, we also work closely with the Lehigh Valley Land Recycling Initiative to promote the reuse of abandoned or underutilized properties. Please CLICK HERE to learn more.

Foreign Trade Zone #272

Allentown manufacturers may be eligible for relief from customs duties and other tariffs and taxes through participation in Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) #272, approved in 2007. This designation allows domestic-based manufacturers to import foreign-made parts or materials through the FTZ without paying the assigned duties. Once those parts are incorporated into products the manufacturer can select whether to have the customs duty apply to the components or the finished product. The program also allows distributors to benefit from direct delivery from ports into the zone.

This program is offered through the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp. Please CLICK HERE to learn more.

City of Allentown

AEDC focuses primarily on assisting manufacturing and light industrial businesses grow and expand in the City of Allentown. The City, however, offers numerous programs and incentives for professional services firms, retail, dining and entertainment establishments and works closely with AEDC to ensure that all inquiries are directed to the proper agency for follow-up and assistance.

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