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Allentown Enterprise Zone Revolving Loan Fund

The Enterprise Revolving Loan Fund encompasses more than $1.1 million in financing assistance.

Eligible businesses include industrial, manufacturing, and technology-oriented businesses that are located within the boundaries of the Enterprise Zone. AEDC will work with a bank and other lending programs (such as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Small Business Administration, and others) as part of an overall lending portfolio to fund a project.

This financing is available for the purchase of machinery and equipment, real estate purchases and improvements (including leasehold improvements), or working capital in some cases. Businesses may borrow up to 75 percent of total project costs up to $100,000 at competitive interest rates and terms as long as 10 years (depending on the amount borrowed).

The fund is not available for commercial or retail businesses.

Download Enterprise Zone Loan Fact Sheet:  EZ Revolving Loan Fund Guidelines (5-2013)


Pennsylvania Minority Business Development Authority Revolving Loan Fund

Businesses must be at least 51 percent owned by borrowers who are socially or economically disadvantaged.  It may arise from cultural, racial or chronic economic circumstance, background, or similar cause.  This includes but is not limited to: African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, Aleuts, Asian Americans, Asian Indians, and Eskimo’s.  Socially disadvantaged applicants need to demonstrate that due to circumstances beyond their control, that they were subject to cultural bias within American society.  Women, for example, may be considered socially, or economically disadvantaged under certain circumstances.  Contact us for more information about your specific situation.

Download PMBDA Loan Fact Sheet:  PMBDA Revolving Loan Fund Guidelines (7-2017)

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Michael and Esther Rowland had put together an $800,000 financing package to purchase, refurbish and fit out a new office and clinic for Michael’s innovative dental practice, Oral Dynamics. Maxed out on their bank financing, the Rowlands needed another $150,000 to purchase and install several critical pieces of dental equipment for Michael’s dental esthetics practice, and they had been stymied in their approach to a local development agency.

Working with the AEDC staff, they not only obtained $100,000 through the Enterprise Zone Revolving Loan Fund but they were connected to another agency that was able to provide the final $50,000 that allowed Oral Dynamics to open at 2610 Moravian Drive in Spring 2011. Today the practice employs a total of seven people, including a second doctor, and they plan to hire two more dentists by mid-summer, Esther Rowland says.

“It was absolutely critical. We couldn’t have opened without it. They needed collateral but we closed and I don’t remember a single issue causing problems.”

Esther RowlandOral Dynamics
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