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Amorphic Tech is a multifaceted engineering solutions company whose mission is to deliver high quality, sophisticated prototypes and design solutions for mechanical systems.

Specializing in custom cryogenic systems that operate in the <3 to 1000K temperature range, ColdEdge provides unique solutions for OEM tools and research labs across the globe. Our systems feature configurable product applications in a wide range of scientific fields.

At the Colony, we're always seeking to push the boundaries of taste by producing the boldest and most innovative meads in the world. Using modern techniques, precise fermentation controls, and the most refined elbow grease, we produce honey-based alcoholic beverages that surprise the palate and amaze the judges. Our meads burst with flavor and glide down the throat with sophisticated, layered profiles and unparalleled smoothness.

County Seat Spirits is a producer of fine spirits including whiskeys, gin, rum and vodka. County Seat Spirits prides itself on being a true "grain to glass" distillery - one which performs the entire process from milling raw grains on site, mashing, fermenting, distilling and aging.

HiJinx Brewing Company was born out of a fierce passion for great beer. The HiJinx crew’s dedication to quality and their willingness to experiment make for some tasty and unique beers. From the traditional to the exotic, their passion for beer knows no limits.

With decades of experience, JH Plastics specializes in custom plastic fabrication, and distributes to the Lehigh Valley and beyond. Whether you’re in need of a custom cutting board or a full revamp of your lab equipment, our team can help. We provide quality workmanship, a high level of expertise, and a wide breadth of services while maintaining the flexibility and accountability of a small, entrepreneurial business.

Our ISO-Accredited laboratory specializes in personalized, highly accurate measurements of lighting products. With over 40 years of combined experience in the lighting testing industry, our team can help you navigate the various energy efficiency specifications, listings, and regulations.

MTS is a turnkey product design and manufacturing firm for entrepreneurs and companies who need a reliable partner to develop innovative designs into successfully manufactured products. Our team combines our deep expertise in mechanical engineering, hardware engineering, electrical engineering and industrial design with a holistic business approach to understand your product and market needs.

Polymer Contours Inc. is a full-service plastic injection molding company that specializes in working with customers to produce parts that fit the specific business requirements. By utilizing our consultative tooling design process, customers no longer have to settle for sub-components that are currently available on the market but fall short on meeting user specifications.

TRuCapSol (Time Release Capsule Solutions) is a company that takes high value actives, uses their materials expertise to encase them to form micron sized balloons, such that these balloons retain the active in the supply chain, then release the active over a duration of time. The company is focused on utilizing natural materials, which allows them to produce environmentally friendly and world-class capsules.

Zzyzx Polymers produces custom high-performance plastic resins using a novel polymer processing technology called High Shear Polymer Modification (HSPM). Our resins empower plastics producers, converters and recyclers to bring novel materials solutions to market. We provide R&D services in conjunction with full-scale plastics processing for a range of thermoplastic polymers such as polyolefins (including UHMWPE), polyesters and polycarbonate amongst others. We excel at blending immiscible polymers, producing color concentrates, developing highly-filled additive master-batches, tailoring material properties to specific applications and helping our customers develop competitive advantages in the ever-growing plastics industry.

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