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Flex Launch & Coworking

A place for technology-based companies to grow and prosper

Technology is not mutually exclusive from manufacturing. It can be found behind the scenes in a company’s firmware, automation controls or enterprise management systems. Often times the technology is out in the open for the world to see through a company’s website or online ordering processes. Technology is everywhere.

But technology companies are different than manufacturing companies, especially at the startup phase. That’s why we created our Flex Launch & Coworking space at the Bridgeworks Enterprise Center.

Focus on growth, not on paperwork!

The concept behind our Flex Launch space is simple. A founding team can take up residence in an office once the company has been accepted into the business incubation program. As the company grows and adds personnel, it can add dedicated desk space in the open office area by simply filling out an inventory sheet with AEDC staff. Pricing adjusts automatically because it’s already built into the lease.

We understand that sometimes the startup journey isn’t always a smooth one. Need to give up a desk because your team has gotten smaller? No problem – just update your inventory sheet. We’ll adjust your pricing at the start of the next month.

Can’t be bothered deciding on furniture, getting a delivery time set up, and assembling what seems to be way-to-many pieces for a desk? For a simple fee per month per person, we’ll provide you with a desk, chair and rolling file cabinet for each of your team members.

Everything including the kitchen sink!

Our Flex Launch & Coworking space is simply the coolest place to house a tech company in the Lehigh Valley. Our modern industrial-designed offices provide a creative atmosphere for you and your team and they include all the amenities you could want.

  • Broadband Internet (both private and public networks)
  • Shared office machine (print/copy)
  • Two “phone booths” to take a call without disturbing your team
  • Two conference rooms available for use (10-person and 25-person)
  • Kitchenette with microwave, coffee maker, full-size refrigerator and dining area
  • Lounge area for casual meetings or a quick break

Coworking the way it ought to be

The Flex Launch & Coworking space offers a professional business environment for getting stuff done! We know independent professionals seek out coworking spaces in order to enjoy the camaraderie and encouragement provided by being around other creative people. But if you can’t get stuff done because of a rowdy workspace with constant distractions, the benefit of being around others is lost.

Our coworking space is mixed into our Flex Launch space in order to create a positive environment for you to be successful. With everyone around the room driven to growing their companies, you can be assured that you will be productive on the days you chose to work here.

All of the amenities listed above are included in your membership. And we make our memberships simple. Our coworking plan is a Shared Desk plan for $60.00 per month. This gives you unlimited use of a shared desk space on a first-come-first-serve basis. No limit on visits – come every day or just a couple of times a month – the choice is yours.

Please note that plans and pricing are subject to change.

Want to give coworking a try? We’ll give you a day or two to try it on for size at no charge. All you have to do is ask. So, come on by and check out our space.

Contact us for more information on the Flex Launch & Coworking at Bridgeworks.

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